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Europe On Line - Case Study
Europe OnLine are a major Internet Service Provider based in Luxembourg. They offer a service to their customers using satellite technology where your existing satellite dish is connected to a special card installed in your PC. When they first launched their service in 2000 they needed a support system capable of handling problems, faults and enquiries in multiple languages.

The System
This was a system designed for heavy use in three separate support call centres in France, Germany and Luxembourg. It operates over an internet backbone connection and all screens configure themselves to use either English French or German depending on the language preference of the user.

The system records enquiries and support calls ensuring they are escalated to the correct person and giving alerts if response times are going to be breached.

There is a FAQ database allowing support staff to look up solutions to problems they may not know the full details of and also to email standard responses to customers.

All actions are logged and there is a set of reports allowing managers to monitor call volumes, response times, who closes the most calls etc.

The system also links with EOL's Oracle based billing system to handle general account enquiries and new customer accounts. ..

EOL's IT system is based around Microsoft server technologies.

SQL 2000 is used to manage their database.

A bespoke Microsoft Visual Basic application offers EOL a flexible and fast interface for their support staff.

A daily link to their Oracle billing system imports all new customers details to keep the system up to date.

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