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Our Ethos
Just the Facts - We don't believe in making things complicated, our approach is to keep our solutions elegantly simple.
We speak English - We won't bombard you with acronyms and jargon, we want to talk business, not computers.
Realistic Rates - There is no point in spending a fortune on IT consultancy to save a pittance, we believe in value for money.
Continued Support - We are happy to work with you in a phased approach to an overall solution. Allowing you to budget for improvements when your business allows it.
We don't want to sell you a PC.
We don't fix PCs, there are lots of specialists in that area.
We aren't going to sell you off the shelf software that almost does what you want, but falls short of the mark.
3 Lewes Close, Ipswich, Suffolk IP3 8RX
Tel : 07788 427 821
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