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Our Fees
We aim to be realistic in our pricing, we appreciate that IT can be seen as an endless expense. That's why we want to give you what you need at a cost that is acceptable to your business. We aren't the cheapest, but we are value for money.

Development Projects
A typical project with Normalised will involve 4 main phases

Please Note : The Scope document is guaranteed to be more than a single sheet of grey note paper with lines drawn on it
Phase 1 - The Scope
This will involve time with one of our consultants who will investigate your business needs and together you can agree an overall description of what you require from a bespoke software package. This phase is free of charge and as a result you will receive a brief overview of the proposed solution along with a budget estimate.

Please Note : While we will take every availability to make sure that your specification is well presented and legible, there is very little chance we will have it bound into book form
Phase 2 - The Specification
Normalised will work with you to create a document that describes in detail a solution for your business. The document describes how you will work with the system, and usually contains screen shots as well as a small demo of the system for you to test drive. At the end of the specification phase Normalised provide you with a quote for the system, this quote is usually modular, meaning you can have the important functionality now while allowing for future modules to be added later.

Plase Note : We will not actually develop any part of your software using crayons unless specifically requested.
Phase 3 - Software Development
This is where your software takes shape, with regular progress meetings you get to see exactly what your software is going to do for you, this gives you piece of mind and the opportunity for fine tuning.

Please Note : The hard hat is merely an icon, this in no way should be taken to indicate that we will turn up to install your software dressed as The Village People
Phase 4 - Installation \ Support
When the software is complete, tested and accepted we can install it for you or if we are working with your own IT staff we can provide the application with installation instructions. Support is included with all of our software, so you know that we are always here to help you get the most from your investment.

To find out more or to arrange for a free Scope meeting, contact Tim Gosling who will be happy to help.
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